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Address - Unit Headquarters

128 Thorold Flying Dragons
Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
Trinity United Church
15 Pine Street South
Thorold, ON L2V 3L1

Address - Mailing

Commanding Officer
128 Thorold Air Cadet Squadron
12 - 111 Fourth Ave
Suite 231
St Catharines, ON L2S 3P5

About Cadets

From the Canadian Cadet Organizations Web Site:

Royal Canadian Air Cadets participate in a variety of fun and challenging activities. There is something for everyone – no matter what their personal interests may be. The outdoor enthusiast will appreciate learning survival skills for flight crew. The athlete will appreciate physical education and recreation, including a variety of sporting activities like biathlon and Olympic-style marksmanship. The artists will find their niche in the music program.

The curious will appreciate the hands-on activities such as building model aircraft. The scholarly will appreciate an introduction to the various tools and technologies linked to aviation. The dreamers will appreciate the evolution of technology and the advancements of the aerospace era, including the importance of Canadian participation.

Select top senior cadets may even earn the chance to represent Canada on the world stage by participating in an international exchange.

Most importantly, Air Cadets aids in developing knowledge of Canadian history and democracy. The cadet program focuses on social development, decision-making and leadership. As cadets acquire skills and knowledge, they pass it along to younger cadets.

Every cadet will have the chance to participate in flight activities, and some top senior cadets may even earn a scholarship to obtain their private pilot’s licence. Whether earning a glider pilot licence or private pilot licence, these cadets wear their wings with a pride rarely found in today’s youth.

2018-09-05 Message From the Commanding Officer

Cadets and Parents,

I am very pleased to announce some positive changes that are being implemented in the 2018-2019 Training Year. We are fulling embracing in the spirit of Joint Training with other sister units of all three elements of the cadet program.

128 Flying Dragons Squadron Thorold and 23 Optimist Squadron St. Catharines will be joint parading in virtually all our activities for the 2018-2019 Training Year. This means new friends, more opportunities, more promotions, and more rewarding training in our cadet activities.

We have also come to agreements with 68 Army and the 358 Sea to come together in one joint Band this year. Just imagine what we can achieve as part of a Tri-Service band expecting to number 25 or more cadets from all 4 of our units. When it comes to Bands, bigger is definitely better and this band is sure to be outstanding.

337, 128, and 23 Air Cadets Squadrons have at this time committed to an Optional Joint Ground School Class for all of our up and coming Pilots. At this time we have 5 highly qualified instructors who have volunteered to ensure our young members receive the highest quality of training that will assist their successes in the cadet flying program. Offers to join our reconstituted joint NAG ground school have been extended to other area units and we anticipate others joining us.

There will be changes in training locations this year. Monday nights will still be our joint 128, 23 Parade Night but we will not be parading at Trinity United Church. Beginning in September the cadets and parents will report to the Lake Street Armoury located at 81 Lake St., St. Catharines. All Classes and Training on Monday nights will be held in the Main Armoury and Annex Buildings until otherwise advised. (More information to follow as it comes in).

Our Optional Training will almost exclusively be held in the 128 Thorold LHQ which is located in the Thorold Trinity United Church Community Hall located at 15 Pine Street South in Thorold. This facility is amazing and will more easily accommodate the increase in our combined numbers of the 2018-2019 training year. Our welcome back BBQ on September 5th will be held there.

The distance between the two LHQs. Napier to Pine Street is 9.0 km and 11 Minutes. For some of our members and their parents this change will benefit them in saved time and travel. For some the travel will be of a disadvantage. We understand and will make every attempt to mitigate this inconvenience but please keep this in perspective. 9 km and 11 minutes.

We are really looking forward to a very rewarding year. See everyone soon!

Best Regards,

Dave Davidson CD
Commanding Officer 23 and 128 RCACS