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Address - Unit Headquarters

128 Thorold Flying Dragons
Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
Trinity United Church
15 Pine Street South
Thorold, ON L2V 3L1

Address - Mailing

Commanding Officer
128 Thorold Air Cadet Squadron
12 - 111 Fourth Ave
Suite 231
St Catharines, ON L2S 3P5


Monday Nights 1900 (7pm) to 2100 (9pm) at 23 Squadron LHQ
Wednesday Nights 1900 (7pm) to 2100 (9pm) at 128 Squadron LHQ

When you joined cadets your parents signed your enrollment form. By signing the enrollment form your parents have taken responsibility for all parts of your uniform. As a result, you are always responsible for all parts of your uniform. You should follow these rules:

  • Do not leave your uniform lying around.
  • Mark your name in every piece of your uniform.
  • Return damaged or poorly fitting parts of your uniform to your squadron supply and get new parts.
  • Be sure that any parts of your uniform you return are signed off when you return them.
  • You must return your uniform promptly if you leave the squadron.

The uniform you have been issued is on loan to you for as long as you are an Air Cadet. It is important that you take you treat the uniform with the care and respect it deserves. Cadets requiring new uniform parts should speak directly with the Squadron Supply Officer.

CATO 55-04 Air Cadet Dress Instructions
CATO 55-04 Air Cadet Dress Instructions - Annex F Illustrated References
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