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Address - Unit Headquarters

128 Thorold Flying Dragons
Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
Trinity United Church
15 Pine Street South
Thorold, ON L2V 3L1

Address - Mailing

Commanding Officer
128 Thorold Air Cadet Squadron
12 - 111 Fourth Ave
Suite 231
St Catharines, ON L2S 3P5


Welcome to the 2018 2019 training year!

We run a dynamic program that has many components to ensure everyone learns and has fun. Learning by doing is more enjoyable and the cadets get to try new things and build confidence in themselves by accomplishing new tasks and acquiring new skills.

The cadet program includes topics such as:
  • Aviation and aeronautics
  • Sports and healthy living
  • Outdoor survival
  • Leadership
  • Marksmanship
  • Community service

All of these subjects are taught in the field where possible such as at the Niagara District Airport for our Airport Day which includes most of our aviation classes and for our gliding and power familiarization flights. We will also build rockets to launch them in the park in the spring. These classes are always a cadet favourite and the entire squadron goes to watch the launch.

We will go camping in tents for the field training exercise (FTX) in the fall with just our squadron and in the spring with the Niagara Air Group (NAG). During these weekends the cadets will learn how to build fires and shelters, how to tie knots, and light propane stoves and lanterns. They also will discuss survival psychology, how to put together first aid kits and learn how to read maps and compasses. These weekend experiences are supervised by the officers and staff for a safe and fun learning experience.

The sports classes take place in the gym in their fitness apparel and it combines fitness testing with team sports for fun and competitive nights. The marksmanship classes will all take place on the range and will be supervised by our Range Safety Officers and all cadets will undergo safety training prior to being allowed on the range. The citizens of Thorold will see our cadets taking an active role in the Remembrance Day activities such as poppy sales and of course the Remembrance Day parade. We also take some time in the spring to clean up the parks of all the winter garbage to enhance the image of the community.

There will be some time spent in the classroom where we use different teaching techniques such as discussions and activities to keep the cadets interested and participating. There are many opportunities for the cadets to take leadership roles within the squadron and we help them by teaching them along the way.

The program is designed to keep the cadets active and interested in all of the subject material to be able to take the information with them to their summer camp which for the majority are held either CFB Trenton or CFB Borden. There are speciality courses that also may be offered in other locations at the senior level. The summer training experience is something your cadet will never forget. The experiences, the training and most of the all the lifelong friendships that are built during these courses will positively impact your cadet.

The aim of the program is to teach and inspire our youth and the officers, staff and instructors are committed to delivering a high quality program.